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Best Practices Background Checks

We view our background checks as a service not a product.
There are literally thousands of different places where your applicant may have adverse information.
We have seen hundreds of examples of companies that are dissatisfied with their vendors due the fact that they perceived that they have missed adverse information on their applicant.

Our "Best Practices Background Check" is our solution to this problem.
We exhaustively search every available source for adverse information on your applicant, we try our best to leave no stone unturned.

Often the problem is that if you ask the wrong question, you receive the wrong answer. If you conduct a criminal search in New Jersey you should not expect to have a record returned from New York. If you conduct a criminal search in the state of Montana you should not expect to receive any information older than 7 years, per Montana Code Annotated 2003 31-3-112.

There are 20 states that have passed more stringent employment laws in addition to the Federal FCRA. Do you know which ones they are?
We take a Consulting/Tutoring approach to employment screening. We believe an educated client is a happy client. We are always available to answer a client's question, or suggest an solution to your current problem.

Use this opportunity to check between the cracks, read between the lines, and turn over all of the stones, we believe you will be pleasantly surprised.

Best Practices Background Check Includes:

- IdentiCheck Social Security Trace Report
- NationCheck Criminal Index Search
- National Violent Sex Offender Registry Search
- CountyCheck Felony & Misdemeanor History
- Statewide Criminal Index Search
- Federal Criminal Record Search
- Bankruptcy Record Search
- Federal Civil Record Search
- United Nations Consolidated Sanctions List
- OFAC Specially Designated Nationals & Blocked Persons
- OFAC Sanctioned Countries including Major Cities & Ports
- Department of State Trade Control (DTC) Debarred Parties
- European Union Terrorism List
- FBI Most Wanted Terrorists
- FBI Seeking Information List
- FBI Top Ten Most Wanted
- INTERPOL Most Wanted List
- Bank of England Sanctions List
- OSFI - Canadian Sanctions List
- Politically Exposed Persons List
- Denied Persons List
- Unverified Entities List
- Denied Entities List
- World Bank Ineligible Firms
- U.S. Bureau of Industry & Security
- U.S. Terrorist Watchlist

Additions for Best Practice Employment Screening :

- Employment Verification
- Education Confirmation
- I-9 Homeland Security Employability Verification
- Pre Employment Credit Check
- Motor Vehicle Driving History
- 10 Panel Lab Based Drug Test